Wednesday, 13 July 2016

CodeSnip v4.15.0 Released

CodeSnip v4.15.0 has just been released and adds supports for test compiling snippets with Delphi 10.1 Berlin.

The program's Configure Compilers dialogue box should now be able to auto-detect Delphi 10.1 on systems where it is installed.

Since I don't have Delphi 10.1 Berlin installed I'd be grateful if any users who do can let me know if this works: please leave a comment.

To configure to CodeSnip to work with Delphi 10.1 Berlin, select the Tools | Configure Compilers menu option and in the resulting dialogue box click the Detect Delphi Compilers button. If the compiler has been detected it will appear in bold in the list of compilers on the left of the dialogue window.

Note: Any AppMethod installations may be reported as Delphi.

Download this new release using the following links:

You can also download the source from GitHub.

For detailed information on how to build CodeSnip 4.15.0 please see the file Build.html in the source code download.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

CodeSnip v4.14.0 Released

CodeSnip v4.14.0 has just been released.

The main visible feature of this minor release is that two buttons have been added to the About Box's Paths tab (now renamed Paths & Files) that enables to program's config files to be displayed.

There's now a new command line option to cause CodeSnip to use a test web server when accessing web services. This is for the use of developers when testing the web services used by the program.

Internally, operating system detection has been updated.

Finally, and just because it's the Spring Equinox tomorrow here in the northern hemisphere, I've added a new doggy pic to the program's Easter Egg! Spoiler - move your mouse around the About Box and see if you take the hint ;-)

Download this new release using the following links:

You can also download the source from GitHub.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Redesigned CodeSnip's Micro-Site

CodeSnip's micro-site has been completely overhauled as a Bootstrap based responsive site. It has just been uploaded to

Here's a couple of views of it running in difference sizes in my Chrome browser:

CodeSnip microsite - standard browser layout

CodeSnip microsite - standard browser layout

CodeSnip microsite - mobile-friendly layout

CodeSnip microsite - mobile friendly layout

Feedback and bug reports are more than welcome: please use the contact page.

I'm particularly interested to see how this new design works out because I'm considering updating the main site to a similar style, but with different branding.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Code Snippets Database Now Tested With Free Pascal v3.0.0

All the snippets in the Online Code Snippets Database have now been test compiled with Free Pascal v3.0.0 and the database has been updated with the results.

Previously the v2.x of the Free Pascal Compiler was used to run these tests.

Some snippets that had previously failed to compile with Free Pascal v2 do now compile with v3. There were no cases where snippets that compiled under v2 failed to compile with v3.

Please note that all that has been tested is whether the snippets compile, not whether they function correctly. However, all snippets have undergone some testing. A few have unit tests.

CodeSnip v4.13.2 Released

CodeSnip v4.13.2 has just been released.

The main feature of this maintenance release is that an additional default namespace has been added when using Delphi XE and later to enable snippets that use the Registry unit to compile. Fo more info about how and why CodeSnip manages compiler namespaces see the "Using CodeSnip" FAQ#7.

Some of the hints in the main window had errors, so they have all been fixed. In addition a few menu items and dialogue box names have been altered.

Download this new release using the following links:
You can also download the source from GitHub.

This release is the first one to be developed using the new Git repo instead of the old Subversion one. The old repo has been frozen at release v4.13.1.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Move From Subversion To Git Now Complete

CodeSnip's source code has finally been exported from it's Subversion repo to Git, hosted on GitHub.

The code was imported as of release 4.13.1. Much of CodeSnip's update history was successfully imported, although some deleted branches did not bring their history with them. So that the history is not lost I'm leaving the old Subversion repo up on SourceForge in a frozen state.

Releases will continue to be hosted on SourceForge - there are too many links pointing there to change it.

For the moment the issue tracker is also still on SourceForge.

EDIT: At the time of writing there are some outdated links on that still point to the SourceForge repo, but they're mostly on CodeSnip's beta site. I'll fix them in due course.

EDIT: The CodeSnip FAQ also needs updating.

The new repo will be using the Git Flow methodology to manage updates and releases.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

CodeSnip v4.13.1 Released

CodeSnip v4.13.1 has just been released.

This release mainly makes CodeSnip play nicely with Windows 8.1 and 10. If you are using either OS please update.

Other than there is a minor change to how the program decides which fonts to use in the UI. There's an outside chance that this may change the font if you use Windows 2K, XP or Vista.

Download this new release using the following links: